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was born in Leicester , UK , 5th March 1968 . He live s and works in London . Beside his art work, he’ve been doing some pedagogy work in Sekcion of drawing. Until now he has had 17 solo shows: Brighton – ’90; Leicester – ’92; London ’95, ’97, ’98, ’00, ’04; Cambridge – ’91, ’93, ’96; Bergen (Norway) – ’97, ’99; Kaunas (Lithuania) – ’98; Plovdiv (Bulgaria) ’01; Edinburgh & London – ’01; Riga (Latvia) – ’03; Belgrade ’05. He taked part in many group shows worldwise, like exhibitioner and kurator. He’s a winner of many exhibition grants and awards: Brithish Council 2005; Arts & Humanities Research Board 2003/4; Jerwood Drawing Awards 2001; London Arts Board – R & D Projects 2000. itc. His works are in colections of „British Museum UK“, „Imperial War Museum UK“, „Victoria and Albert Museum UK“, „National Gallery of Lithuania“’“Foundation 3,14“ ( Norway), and other private colections and corporations.

‘New Shoots’ is an exhibition of the sketchbooks and drawings of UK artist Paul Ryan. Looking at ‘note taking’ as the beginnings of a creative process, the exhibition builds a final work with these seedling concepts. Several large finished drawings also on display are hand drawn versions of some notebook pages, re-evaluating the quick, spontaneous and ‘non dogmatic’ nature of the sketch or drawing. This compares with the relative dogma of a finished painting or sculpture.

A greenhouse metaphor is carried further: playing on the aesthetics of a gardener’s potting shed, where ideas are cultivated in different environments (sand, soils, rubble). These conceptual ‘New Shoots’ ponder the artist’s response to Serbia made during and since a visit in 2004, as well as engaging in the debates within current theoretical approaches to drawing which have developed in the UK over the last decade.

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