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Naod Zoric was born in 1968, in the village of Djurdjevica Tara , in Montenegro . He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (department of painting) in Cetinje, in the class of professor Radomir Reljic.

He is a member of The Association of the Fine Arts Artists of Montenegro . He has had 18 solo exhibitions in Bar, Podgorica, Pljevlja, Budva, Vrbas, Kolasin and Igalo. He has had a number of group exhibitions in our country and abroad. He received many awards and among them: The First award for the drawing at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje in 1991, The award for the painting as the youngest artist on the 25 th Winter exhibition of Herceg Novi in 1992, The award for painting of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje. He was given a grant for talented students. He lives and works in Kolasin and Bar.

Naod Zoric is said to be extremely gifted (which is obvious) according to art critics and his colleagues. He is claimed to create the paintings bursting with energy, powerful as an elemental force. This is true and it is also true that this derives from a very powerful emotion which is an expression of an artist’s personal pain, a dialogue with his convictions, doubts, suspicions and struggles with himself.

He is perceived as a painter fond of drawings as drawings dominate the base of his works, even canvases. The works he presented to the Belgrade audience: drawings, ink, coal, pencil on paper, oil portraits or landscapes of Duklja ( he claims that these are paintings in colour) present the essence of his specific painting expression. In his works you can recognize his deep roots, his breathing with the ground where he comes from and a flair for painting. It is a painter who bears all the beauty and the tragic quality of Montenegro in his memory. You can also notice the shades of spiritual layers which belong to the present times in which we live. Naod Zoric sublimates the layers of experience and through the series of natives with noticeable deformities or disproportions, he conveys (with the style of the new expressionism) the mentality of an archetype of the Montenegrian, the way he sees and perceives them. That gentle mock, so typical of artists, is addressed to the destiny of the people from Montenegrian karst and it is an expression of the awareness of the special qualities that can hardly be changed over the time. Sometimes it is an expression of the futility of life or fated repetition of the same events. In the posture of those grotesque heroes you can sense a determination and courage, a sad worry, a fear and wisdom. In their eyes you can see clarity, determination, sadness, sometimes emptiness or resignation. What a skill to get to the heart of a character! Details and clothes reveal poverty, pride, modesty, stubbornness and layers of different heritage. Very courageously but without cynicism and malicious humour, Naod Zoric toys with the symbolism of a national myth of his own people and our climate. I would add that Naod is an eternal and vivacious child, a bit stubborn but honest, without malice, gifted and authentic.

His landscapes, unreally beautiful, with contrasts of lights and shadows, in the mist of rainy curtains, clouds touching the ground, brutally magical, almost astral, with the antique columns as details or with an ornament of some archeological artefact of old Duklja, poetical and unique as Montenegrian landscapes, present one more subject he skillfully represents.

Naod Zoric’s works are among the most renowned paintings on Montenegrian art scene. I am deeply convinced that those works stand side by side with prominent Montenegrian artists. Those paintings are well positioned and interpreted, they are skillfully performed with simple but powerful concept. The paintings and drawings Naod exhibited warn and evoke a subdued cry, it is almost a wail over the destiny and life. Their message is unique and universal. They possess a dignified pain and a beauty at the same time. From aesthetical point of view they express artist’s emotions and his powerful and creative impulses, his remarkable frankness in communication with the world and his surroundings. He does that skillfully, with authenticity, God given talent and a sensibility of a man who is susceptible to nature, surrounding sights and sounds, stricken by the beauty of mountains, especially Djurdjevica Tara.

As a mature and renowned artist he is heading to become a part of our history of art. If we consider new and creative forces, painters such as Naod Zoric and other young artists, so different, controversial, curious and creative it could be said that Montenegro will remain “the land of painters’, an eternal, inexhaustible inspiration of their works.

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