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Joze Ciuha
was born in April 1924 in Trbovlje- Slovenia (Ex Yugoslavia).He studied painting at the Academy of Art in Ljubljana . After graduating in 1950, he did post-graduate studies in mural painting under Prof. S. Pengov. Traveling for study purposes, he visited Australia , W. Germany , the Netherlands , Belgium , France , Switzerland , Italy , Sweden , Poland and Soviet Union . Trips to Macedonia aroused in him interest in Byzantine art and the East in general. In the years 1959-1961 he studied Buddhist art and philosophy under Prof. Luce at the Rangoon University . At that time he visited India , Pakistan , Indonesia , Thailand and Cambodia . In 1964 and 1965 he traveled in South America where he got acquainted with Indian civilizations. He visited Brazil , Argentina , Chile , Peru and Bolivia . From his journeys he brought home sketchbook full of drawings and material for two books, “Petrified Smile” and “Conversation with Silence”, describing his encounters with ancient civilization and the people and events of our time. In 1965 Joze Ciuha worked as visiting artist at Western Michigan University . It was at that time he criss-crossed the United States and Mexico . In addition to the two books mentioned, he has written “Voyage Beyond Cockaigne” a children’s book awarded the Levstik Prize. In the 1970’s Joze Ciuha tutored painting course at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg for successive years. He has illustrated books for number of years.

From 1970’s he is a Parisian.

My Friend Quixote

For a long time we’ve been linked by close


Thus I can maintain

the career of the Knight of Mancha has its


and there are no sings

it might stop short soon.

If you can make head and tail of what I’ve

jotted down,

fair enough ;

if you can’t , it’s just as well.

My only purpose was

to venture a few passing remarks on our


I didn’t want to clarify anything.

It’s more or less in this sense that my drawings

should be understood :

for they are rooted in the ever – shifting substance

of meditation

and play.

Jože Ciuha

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