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Evgenija Demnievska graduated from the academy of fine arts in Belgrade in 1970. she completed her post-graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the class of prof Zoran Petrović in 1972.

As a scholarship holder of the Japanese government, she spent the period from 1973. to 1976. at the Tokyo universty of Arts- Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku.

She received her M. A. degree from the Tokyo University of Arts, Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku in the class of prof Yoshihika Yoshide in 1976. She has been an ULUS member since 1971. she draws and paints and is also engaged in video, fax and Internet projectsinvolving artists and public shi realiyed more than fifty solo exhibitions and also took part in many fine art exhibitions and salons in Yugoslavia, France, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Japan, Australia, England, USA etc.

She was awarded some ten prizes for her works of art.

Her Internet project Evrinomin Gabint /Haos in aktion was nominated as one of three most original projects in brussels in 1977.

If i understand it well, that ‘’između’’ is the theme of Evgenia Demnievska’s newest researches in and on a drawing.

‘’Those are drawings made over the photographs whigh i took myself or simply found them or those are photographs of my own drawing over which i draw again. A drawing becomes a photograph, i.e. a base for a new drawing, altogether being partly a drawing and partly a photograph, and that ‘’partly’’ is a subject of my interest. This altogether creates some dual identities’’.

Demnievska does not only support a drawing decleratively as a sort of a ‘’technique of documents’’ but also possesses energy, creativeness and knowledge of how to ‘’move’’ and multiply the very structure of a drawing.

Aleksandar Sekulić

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