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Srđan Đile Marković
received his university degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, class of  Prof Milica Stevanović, in 1988. He received his M.A. degree from the same professor in 1992. He has been an ULUS member since 1990.

He was the author of 17 exhibitions, the most important of whicn are as following:

1987 the SKC Gallery, Belgrade
1988 the SKC Gallery, Belgrade
1988 the Garage Gallery, Belgrade
1991 the mural painting for the big hall of the Youth centre, Belgrade
1992 the FLU Gallery, Belgrade
1993 the Youth centre Gallery, Belgrade
1995 the National museum, Kragujevac
1996 the Belgrade Cultural Centre
1997 the SKC Happy Gallery, Belgrade
2000 the ’73 Gallery, Belgrade
2001 the SKC Big hall, Belgrade
2006 the ’73 Gallery, “The modern fine arts time”

He also took part in many arts colonies, both in country and abroad, as well as in more than 80 group shows. He took part in the exhibition “About normality – The Art of the 90-ies in Serbia”, the Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade 2005.

Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


  • Dositejeva 3 - 11000 Belgrade - Serbia.
  • +381 11 2627-497