Drawing Art Gallery CHAOS

Mihailo Jovicevic
(1939) completed his secondary art school in Herceg Novi and the Academy of Fine Arts and postgraduate studies in Belgrade. He studied painting in the class of Milo Milunovic and conservation in the class of Milorad Medic. He was a professor at the Faculty of Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje and the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje. He has been engaged as a professor at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Podgorica. He had a great number of group shows and since 1968 has had one man shows in all eminent galleries and towns throughout former Yugoslavia. His one man show in the Italian town of Spoleto proved to be a great success. He lives and works in Cetinje.

"Drawings presented in the Chaos Gallery represent his associative-abstract compositions realized with “wet” and dry painting techniques through which he expresses his needs for making experiments with his personal technological and formal spaces. In fact, Jovicevic uses a combination of materials to define textures and plans  while the plastic expressions of actions and synthesis of forms and colors mean a condition for a physical painting layer based upon  syncopated harmonies and dissonances of a complex paste, azure surfaces and plastic structure. All is clear here but our view is actually captured in the transcendental spheres full of energetic and vital charge of a special and strong vision. Dramatic counterpoints and clashes emerge in an eruptive explosion of color layers which go from the intensive to the muffled chromatic harmonies and fast linear arabesques which form formal segments or represent spontaneous handwritten “patterns”. However, in this illusory chaos everything is subordinated to an internal order established by the artist“s skilled hands. With an extraordinary feeling for accord, harmony and rhythm, he meticulously crosses and multiplies special characteristics of multicolored painting vocabulary. Figures of saints and Christian symbols are absorbed and integrated into undefined, convulsive, plastic space mists and nuclei which occupy most of the composition. This optical infinity based upon stratified structures which reflect depth, dynamics, motion and expansion is encircled by  ”aureole” of an airy luminosity spreading towards the margins. On these drawings we can follow phases moving from vibrant basic color elements and horor vacui towards gradual formal simplification and synthesis where a line represents a primary element of the plastic structural layer of a painting"...

Ljiljana Zekovic

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