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Biljana Wilimon
lives and works in Belgrade. She received her B.A. and M.A. degrees from the academy of applied arts, department of painting, and is a receiver of the most important Yugoslav recognitions in the field of fine arts. As a TV author, she also received both domestic and international recognitions for her visual innovations in this medium. She is an author of children‘s books from the field of fine arts for which she was awarded prizes by the professional modern teaching jury. As a journalist and columnist, she cooperated with many magazines and also was an editor – in – chief   and creative director of one of them. She is now writing “the collages from Weisbaden'' in the Blic and is also an author of the Studio B cultural program ‘'the underground passages''.

The works exhibited in the Chaos Gallery under the title ‘'Willimon in Chaos'' and done in mixed technique, show her interest in different fine arts activities , with a drawing occupying dominant place.
I am changing my TV channels when suddenly one of them showing a charming old woman covered with a kerchief asking and begging ardently some girls with fresh make up and hair fixed up to get out of bed, promising them pie in the alert to see them slap the old woman and push her through the window. Fortunately, this is a village house, ground floor only and I realize no need to panic, even if something terrible happens to the old women, something she surely doesn't deserve.
     Somehow, the old woman survives, tightens her kerchief and gets out in front of the house. On the table, fruit preserves, water, hot bread and cheese... some time after, there come two girls, dressed up, extremely prim. Their finger-nails polished, their small buttocks peeping out from their tight shorts and under their small t-shirts being an eyesore (now even for an old man turning up). Still dizzy and drowsy, they shaking on their high heels, damning the day they met both the old woman and the old man. Still, I myself don't understand anything. I just wonder what those beautiful girls do in this no land, in this remote village that god himself forgot, too. However I keep watching, hoping to catch the point, but in vain. The children are frowning at the healthy country food, about to vomit on the starched tablecloth. And the old man starched tablecloth. And the old man is pushing them impatiently to hurry up. I wonder where to. In the fields! He slipped hoes and hooks into their hands. The children started threshing around. And me, like in a horror film, covering my eyes with my hands, frightened to death that they night kill each other in the field, where there is no shade, not to mention a policeman. In fear, I turned my head not to witness bloodshed. Suddenly, a friend of mine called me. Still in shock, I told her what watching. And then she explained to me calmly that it was just reality show on, which was ‘'in'' those days. It really is a show, I told her. I did recognize that someone progressive was through national television, trying to return our south back to the village, instead taking them straight to the world.

Biljana Willimon

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