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Olga Jancic was born in Bitolj, Macedonia, in 1929. When she was near 16 she enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Sculpture Department, Class of Lojze Dolinar and Toma Rosandic in whose master workshop she practiced her five year specialized training and during which time (1952.) she also took part in building public monuments. She has taken part in group shows since 1948. It is worth mentioning here her participation in the First International Biennial of the Young  in Paris in 1959. where she was awarded a prize and in the Third International Exhibition in the Rodin Museum in Paris in 1966. She is one of the founders and members of the Prostor 8 Group. Since 1959, she has organized one man shows. A year after, she received a scholarship and left for Paris and London. She paid a visit to the studio of Henry Moore whom she previously met in Belgrade in 1955. There followed the invitation to organize one man show in Hero gate. Henry Moore also included her in his book "A Concise History of  Modern Sculpture". She was also invited to exhibit in Toronto and Vancouver where she displayed her piece of art in the open air. She organized her retrospective exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade in 1987. In 1993, she donated legacy of 90 works to the City of Belgrade. Monograph of Olga Jancic was published in 1997.. She has been awarded a great numbery of respectable prizes. She has  lately   started studying a    move and creates a series of sculptures characterized by a diagonal movement of mass.  At the same time, she devotes herself to drawing. She had numerous one man shows throughout the world and former Yugoslavia but the exhibit in the 25 May Museum in Belgrade in 2005 should be stressed as her all-inclusive show. She lives and works in her beautiful studio at 70, Vojvode Putnika Blvd, Topcider
Olga Jancic belongs to our greatest sculptors. Just a glance at her sculptures, reliefs and drawings is enough to immediately realize that you are placed in a world of special visual consciousness, subtle beauty and strength, balanced desires, brave and talented intervention and perfect creation. All her forms-nuclei, fruits and fissures, binomials, trinomials, geomorphic and biomorphic forms, contours of bodies, any associative figuration or total abstraction are executed devotedly and masterly in various materials to became archetypal symbols, pulsation and contractions of a live tissue and modern painting and primarily sculpture speech. The mystery and wonders of life, secret strength of its regeneration and indications if its end are the best inspiration for this sculptor to struggle with the toughest and most various materials from which she gets her projects, ideas, themes and emotions transformed into a concise, finalized, sometimes burdensome but always visually simple and clear form. Her desire to use modern painting language to express her emotions and position, to announce her artistic message and her intimate observations bitterly and sincerely, convincingly and freely can be recognized both in her sculptures and reliefs and in her painting creations

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