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Velimir Ilisevic
was born in Sisak on September 1, 1965. He grew up and started his education in Prijedor. He continued his further education in Novi Sad in 1985 where he became more interested in art. He left for Switzerland in 1989 where he met painter J. Gnadinger and finally decided to study painting. In 1992 he started his studies at the   School of Applied Arts (SfG)  in Zurich in the class of Erich Brandle which he gave up a year after and continued on his own. There has followed his full exhibition engagement in and out of Switzerland since 2000, taking part both in one man events and collective ones. He has been working as a technical associate on the inheritance of Swiss artist Wilfrid Moser since 2002. Studying in Paris in 2004. Getting a new studio in Stein am Rhein in 2005. His works can be found in a great number of collections and public projects in the National Bank of Switzerland and the City’s Concert Hall. He lives with his family in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

"Ilisevic's pastel crayons and watercolors can be taken as sketches for big painting compositions, but in fact those are final autonomous works. Pondering over figuration and abstraction which have lately been the author's occupation gets new élan with these creations. He spontaneously responds to the impulses coming from the medium itself. Penetrating vigorously and freely into the problems of works on paper, Ilisevic thus broadens the limits of his painting researches".

Dragana Kovačić

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