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Rajna Krulj from Vojvode Stepe, born in Zrenjanin on 27th March, 1961. She studied medicine and literature and in 1999 graduated in painting from the Novi Sad Academy of Art, class of Professors Halil Tikves and Jovan Rakidzic. She organized several one man shows both in the country and abroad and also took part in some important group exhibitions in the country.

She has been engaged in performances. She won a prize for her drawing study and as the best first year student at the Novi Sad Academy of Art. She introduced herself by performance "People the God's Icon" at the Art-Expo Fair in 2004.

Her short experimental film "The Bright Night, as Bright as a Day" was shown at the 50th Festival of Yugoslav Documentaries and Short Films in 2003.       She lives and works in Zrenjanin

Human figure, its expressiveness and the power of a detail or just a fragment to produce an expression to remember are of the essential interest for Rajna Krulj. The contradiction of these works lies just in their extremely small format, yet of big impressiveness which Rajna finds in physiognomies of numerous known and unknown personalities. Each of them has its own appearance, character and destiny and in the same way, each work of Rajna Krulj has its strength and its personal touch. Her cycle of small square pictures provokes our eyes to distinguish differences and recognize advocates of forms. At the same time, it provokes our spirit to recognize moods, features of a character and mental strata. Even before, we can also see through the relations the artist cherishes with a certain personality. We can play a game of guess and recognition, make a joke of physiognomic resemblances and spiritual identification. Still, it does not disturb our belief that the gallery of Rajna Krulj's characters at this exhibition in fact reveal her humanistic and emotional approach, her positive and extremely well-intentioned researches into a personality and the world in general. Basic physiognomic features and the expression of an eye, move and the expression of a mouth, film fragments of one eye only or of an ear only are enough for this artist to show their portrait character which is on these small pictures even stronger and deeper than on the works of classic dimensions. Frankness, sincerity and warmth with which the artist approaches both the person painted and the act of painting itself contribute to this impression. Have we already forgotten what it means? 

Irina Subotic

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