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Zoran Pavlovic was born in Skoplje, in 1932. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (department of art history) and from the Academy of Fine Arts. He received his M.A. degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1961. Since then he has been engaged in arts critique, theory and essay literature. He was a member of magazine “Today” (1961-63) and one of the founders of the magazine “Umetnost” (1965-71). He published a book “Svet boje” (The world of colors) in 1978 in which he treated the issue of color, a book of essays on the artists and theoretical issues regarding to color titled “The scopes of forms and colors (1997).

As a full professor, he taught the history of arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade till 1987. After that he became a full professor of painting and Dean of the FFA. He was a prorector at the University of Arts. He is a member and a president of AICA - The International Association of Art Critics. He was a professor at the BK University of Arts. Alongside with oil paintings, water colors and drawings, he is also engaged in monumental techniques such as stained glass, tapestry and mosaic.

Zoran Pavovic belongs to the post-occupation generations of Belgrade painters who cleared a path to different comprehension of a piece of art in late fifties and early sixties of the last century. It is the poetics of the Belgrade historical informel which is in question, particularly its tough trend which besides Pavlovic also included Branko Protic, Silja Todorovic and Zivojin Turinski. Pavlovic gradually gave up the postulates of this trend and approached the figurative creation which in some way he was occupied by until the end of his creativeness.

In the strongest fight for new streams of informel, Pavlovic said the following sentence   It is neither the style nor the trend. That is a certain condition of a picture.    It is clear today that in his case that sentence, which is a paraphrase of Hartung  s thought, relates not only to an abstract construction of a painting but also to the full idea of art which he himself created and which is clearly demonstrated on  these drawings…
Drawings composed of his characteristic comprehension of art make a special chapter. He nourished them as a sketch, note and personal impression…He never accepted errors which the time brings but he simply recognized and then excluded them. He masters with the same ease both black "boldfaced" lines and maps of subtle filigree observations…

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