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Miodrag Bata Knezevic

Painter, graphic artist, master of arts.
He studied at the academy of fine arts in Warsaw, Poland.
He graduated and received his M. A. degree from the graphic design section in 1972.

Member of ULUPUDS since 1972.
Engaged on graphic design in Belgrade since 1972.
He was a professor at the faculty of applied arts of the Belgrade university of arts from 1997 to 2003.
His thirty five years long activity will be represented at a big retrospective exhibition in the museum of applied arts in Belgrade in October this year.
He is now a lecturer at the academy of fine arts in Belgrade.

He exhibits his work both in the country and abroad and has received many recognitions for his professional work

Knezevic takes posters to express his protest. He maximally uses black as a colour of darkness and red as a colour of fire. There is neither much visual nor much verbal material on his works. However, these works are overcharged with severe messages. What can we see on these works? A crucifix near a drain where only legs with scrubbing brushes on of the person crucified can be seen; a sandglass with no sand; a calendar which you leaf backward so that Tuesday comes after Wednesday instead of  Thursday and the Fifth is followed by the Fourth instead of the Sixth. Reading this calendar, we are back to the past where we meet a placard saying: Welcome to the Nineties! Those Nineties bring us back to the old monsters that are given names derived from their roles in our drama: Changer, Persuader, Protector, Democrat and Doer. The Protector has the head of an owl, a night bird of prey and the head of the Doer changes into the head and the beak of a big eagle, while his nails change into long eagle's claws. A blaze spreading over the towns bursts out from the Persuader's mouth opened wide.

Black and red pictures of Bata Knezevic are audible and aggressive, They seem to be striving to get out of this gallery, into the streets, on the walls and fences, screens and billboards, into the winds and clouds, to wake us up, to warn us, to tell us that our duty is to direct road signs into the right direction, to fill up the sandglass with sand and to turn over the calendar pages in such a way that we have Wednesday after Tuesday, the Third and the Fourth after the First and the Second and that the Sixth comes after the Fifth.

Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


  • Dositejeva 3 - 11000 Belgrade - Serbia.
  • +381 11 2627-497