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Milena Mijovic Durutovic

1971 born in Cetinje, Montenegro
1989 awarded at the exhibition `The Young 89` on the occasion of May 25th-Youth Day at the House of Youth `Budo Tomovic` in Titograd
1994 graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cetinje, in  the class of professor Anka Buric
1994 entered post-graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Mile Grozdanic
1994 becomes member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro
1995 held her first individual exhibition at the gallery `Centre`, Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro
1996 awarded the prize for graphic print at the Podgorica Art salon
1999 study tour at the Cite International des Arts in Paris, France
2006 Podgorica, Art Pavilion

Since 1996 has been professionally engaged at the Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro

She has exhibited at numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad.

“The truth is mysterious, uncatchable and is to be constantly conquered anew”
(Albert Camus)

Milena’s creative work can be connected with Nietzsche’s position that “the law on energy preservation imposes an eternal return”. The Chaos Gallery is presenting her drawings in which she reconstructs the favourite motive of her earlier works by using polyphonic abstract – associative modulations of form. The “visually singing” corporal mass of the bull – an animal that emanates untameable power of primordial energy – was a challenge for a new expression characterized, on one hand, by expressive anxiety and, on the other hand, by lyrical subtlety that is wrapped up in the shades of a poetic aura. From the monumental corpus that is decomposed into harmonic rhythm of free linear cadences, the horn – a symbol of masculinity and aggressiveness – stands out as an element of recognition while its primordial condition and signification represent the key for the interpretation of Milena’s pictorial and conceptual “messages”. However, parting from the sensible aspect of cosmic entirety, balance and interior harmony, she incorporated circles, hollows, openings – basic female principles – into the ruling masculine principle – the sickle-like form.
In works that have a clear interior connection and harmony, the black drawing on a white background with refined sfumato gradations of grey colour revives the “action” field in which the plastic form – as reduced as haiku poetry is – stands separated from strict rational comprehension. The compactness of the animal body is transposed into a vital linear orchestration. While using quick, exact and musical strokes in black chalk, through the game of open – closed, flat – deep, circular forms, vertical lines, horizontal lines and depending on feelings and interpretation reflections she forms simple, concise figures liberated from narrative basis. In the big white emptiness, that represents both everything and nothing, she places a coded, enigmatic sign – reminding of a magnified Far Eastern calligraphic writing – which moves through metaphysical space as a trace of a personal seal in unforeseeable space and time dimensions. Yin and Yang, black and white, form and “emptiness”, hardness and the ethereal represent a synchronized unity of opposites that part from a unique conceptual and creative tissue – the work that possesses a distinctive note of poetics, simplicity, expression and abstract ambiguity. Milena Mijovic Durutovic has reduced the selected object-model of these drawings to an energetic sublimation and pureness of the black plastic sign – the transmitter of her pictorial reflections and psycho-physical conditions by means of which she provokes the opening up of new, unlimited and free creative processes.

Ljiljana Zeković

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