Drawing Art Gallery CHAOS

They live in Belgrade. They are young and still a target for those more experienced. Criticized, praised and directed, they imitate, dream and with lines write their most complex thoughts, aware that they will in future be the best. They draw, analyze and get familiar with the reality, they reproduce and interpret it and finally pass it through a filter of their own emotions.
Finally, we, the observers, superficial and indifferent, and sometimes thorough and very critical, sometimes loud in our praise and nice words, accept a part of intimacy of these young people who try to discover whether we understand what we see, who watch our faces and grimaces while consuming their art, they listen to our thoughts while reading secret messages in citations, parody, distortions of contaminated scientific-fictional illustrations and segments of popular culture. A constant line starts from a classic drawing, through a drawing with various applications, drawing on a page of small book within a transparent plastic cube, drawing in the midst of a lamp, drawing in the midst of all possible combinations. When the lights are gone and silence again flows through the air, young creators remain alone with the art they showed us. That is the art that does not shout but speaks softly, whispers the idea of an illusory and slow motion, forebodes and hopes. Aware of the cultural fundamentals, like classical, medieval and renaissance ones, which define our history, they know that a modern artist in order to satisfy demands of the time he lives in and aesthetic challenges also must be engaged. Aware of the art inheritance, he becomes diligent in assimilating concepts and techniques of painting tradition as long as he becomes an autochthonous creator, never indifferent toward the present and capable of suggesting aesthetic innovations. Such, he does not risk getting foolish and laughed at and he repeats what said before. He is a dear and loyal listener to the past, now able to speak his own language and be an active participant in the present…

Vladana Spaić

Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


  • Dositejeva 3 - 11000 Belgrade - Serbia.
  • +381 11 2627-497