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It is unbelievable how often in our country here some exceptional people, either artists or scientists, can be easily forgotten, disappear from any cultural and public life and slowly sink into oblivion. This year we are remembering birth centenary and almost two decades since the death of Pedja Milosavljevic, one of our most beloved painters of his time.
The creation of Pedja Milosavljevic remains us a lonely but lasting, indelible trace of an interesting and important existence, as a testimony to a precious cultural contribution.
The capabilities of the Chaos Gallery and its space are rather poor. However, it is our wish here that with a small exhibition of his works on paper, drawings and watercolors, those available at this moment, we pay a certain "hommage" to this exceptionall artist. A helping hand was given mostly by his admirers, colleagues from some museums and his own friends who have small private collections.
You can here see works from different periods and phases. Pedja Milosavljevic worked in cycles and on themes like Parisien roofs and facades, young women iron fences full of roses, Dubrovnik, phantasmagoric compositions, rhinos, Mostar, illustrations for dramas and vignettes. He did drawings and watercolors on Chinese rice paper, more with a brush, less with a pen, also in several cycles like Lectures Enthousiastes, Folklore, illustrations for stories, Less Maladroites. „I cannot remember the moment I started distinguishing drawing from a watercolor“, the artist used to say.

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