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Branko Miljus was born in Dragotinja, Bosnia in 1936. Before the end of his high school education, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Class of Prof Nedeljko Gvozdenovic and finished it in 1958. He completed his postgraduate studies of graphic arts, Class of Prof Bosko Karanovic in 1961. He specialized in graphics in Paris in 1962/63. He has been organizing solo shows since 1959 (64 solo/exhibitions in the country and abroad. He had 160 representative exhibitions of yougoslave art all over the world (62 international exhibitions). He has been occupied by painting, graphics, mosaic, illustrations and graphic design, as well as teaching students. As a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, he raised many generations of painters. His works can be found in many collections and museums all over the world. He is a winner of several prizes (32 prizes) and has also won the best possible recognitions for his work both in the country and abroad.

His painting compositions were characterized by the unity of material traces and figurative plans with objects exposed in infinite transformations. They offered a common denominator wich must have interlaced themes wich determined him that early creation period like the Execution Ground, Icarus' Fall and certainly the Forgotten Contents of a Snail.
No matter how well his latter pictures like the Batllefield or the big composition of the Kozara Dubica show a stir of relics and mergence of geological and human matter, more and more frequent pieces of art of memory and commemoration today confirm specific dedication of his several decades long opus.
Miljus' loyalty to his early motives is characterized by geometric poligons and fields undoubtedly. We witness the language of art pointing historical memory through separate scales and intensity of black ink on papers.

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