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Marko Marković was born in Belgrade on 17th of july 1984.
He's an advanced university student, class of prof. Mrđana Bajića, School of fine arts in Belgrade
Solo exhibitions:
2008 The exhibition of drawings, Gallery Chaos, Belgrade
Group exhibitions:
2006 Group exhibition The progressive Hopefuls, Gallery Chaos, Belgrade
2006 Group exibition Real Presence 6. The legacy house, Belgrade
2006 Group exhibition of FLU students, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007 The Exhibition of awarded FLU students, Belgrade
2007 Group exhibition The progressive Hopefuls 2, Gallery Chaos, Belgrade
2008 Group exhibition The progressive Hopefuls 3, Gallery Chaos, Belgrade

He is a drawing and sculpture prize winner, Faculty of fine arts, Belgrade, academic year 2006/2007

Two and three dimensional drawing of Marko Markovic, when analyzing development of a form as a new body, becoming further a sculptural and medium form, represents a specific analytical method of visualization of visible and invisible states of perfect geometric figures.
Marko Markovic approaches human figure in a special way, not only as a reproductive gift of nature but also as nature itself, with all its physical, dynamic,biological, scientific, philosophic and aesthetic features.
With the usage of a drawing, sculpture and media, the artist visualizes invisible segments of human physical and biological nature and the nature in general.

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Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


  • Dositejeva 3 - 11000 Belgrade - Serbia.
  • +381 11 2627-497