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Nikola Kolja Milunovic was born in Belgrade in 1935. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the period from 1955 to 1959 and graduated in sculpturing, Class of Ilija Kolarevic. He started his post-graduate studies, advanced training, third degree, in the Class of Professor Sreten Stojanovic, and completed them in the Class of Jovan Kratohvil in 1961.
He has been a Regular Member of the Fine Artists′ Association of Serbia since 1961 organizing solo and group shows both in the country and abroad. He is not only a sculptor but an author of many decorative compositions, metal wall applications, architectural and urban projects, monuments and other works.
His long period of active work on public space sculpturing is of a special importance, as well as his active contribution to ULUS actions and exhibitions of sculptures in public places.
He lives and works in Belgrade.

"As a sculptor, Milunovic chooses many objects of geometric formes to express what he thinks the surroundings he is attached to both with personal experience and as an inheritor of the culture he belongs to. In both cases, time unites everything with dust tedium and the space whith distant traces of dusk and stars fading and disappearing.."
This was said by our great painter Pedja Milosavljevic on the occasion of my exibition "The Passage" in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade in 1980. The title of this text was "A Chronology of Milunovic' Historical Corridor".
It is surprising, now when I read it again, how precisely he interprets everything I am doing now too. After 28 years, my original painting points have not actually changed and a man in fact intimately remains stuck to his roots, probably not aware of it at all.
I often think of the great English painter Turner and the unearthly delicacy and lightness and wonderful abstractness of his water colours, drawings and paintings. Take into consideration it was painted in 1840! He was in his last years sitting high on the terrace of his house watching the sky and painting the clouds.

Nikola Kolja Milunovic

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