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Alexandra Eldridge, born of artist parents, received her BA in Art and Literature from Ohio University.  She has continued her education at Cambridge University, England, Santa Reparata Graphic Workshop, Florence, Italy, Penland College, NC, and most recently The Photographers Formulary, Montana.
Alexandra co-founded an establishment for the Arts, Golgonooza, based on the philosophies of William Blake, from the early 70's through 1986.
She has had over thirty-five solo shows and participated in many groups shows throughout the U.S. and abroad:Paris, New York, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico...
Alexandra has been comissioned to paint murals in the Place des Vosges, Paris, and her work has been used on the covers of eight  books of poetry.
Traveling, as an important part of her  inspiration, has taken her to Artists Residencies on the Island of Elba, Italy and the Valparaiso Foundation in Almeria, Spain.
Art News, New American Painting, and One Hundred Painters of the Southwest are just a few of the publications Alexandra has been featured in.
Alexandra Eldridge is collected by the likes of William Hurt, Steve Buscemi, and Edie Falco besides many other prestigious collections.

Alexandra Eldridge should compose works on paper with the same poetry and power that she brings to her remarkable paintings. Paper after all is the body of the book , but remains blank, souleless in a sense, until texts or images have to inhabit it. "Man has no body distinc from the soul" writes William Blake, and so it is with the 'corpus' of these drawings.
Her artistic inspiration, her supple inventiveness, breathes new life into salvaged Chinese scrolls, abandoned dress patterns, or old maps of New York.
Perhaps it is this ability to encompass the known and the unknowable, the finite body and the eternity of the soul that makes the integrity of this work so marvelously appealing.

Jon Carver
Santa Fe 2008

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