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Olivia Ivanovic was born in Podgorica on July 29, 1974. She graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje and received her M.A. degree from the Graphic Arts Department, Class of Professor Anka Buric where she also works now. She has been ULCG member since 2005.She started her solo shows in 2000 and her group shows in 1999. This year she has been represented as an artist at the Brussels Conference on Civil Society. She is a co - author of the "Fine Arts" textbook for the secondary school, first and second grade. She received three prizes, one for graphic arts and two ULCG's "Lubarda-Stijovic-Milunovic" prizes for her works exhibited at the traditional exhibitions of this association.

Olivia builds her paradisiacal gardens on the philosophic principles of Zen gardens. Doing both spiritual and substantial researches together, she is continuously creating symbolic structures wich draw their strenght of efficiency from a fine stabilization between differences and co – existence of physical and spiritual, concrete and general, conceivable and inconceivable. Through very concentrated on the materials themselves, their physical substantiation and plastic characteristics, the artist reveals symbolic and imaginary, thus making "fictional surplus" which again makes her objects auratic. Just such "surplus" which comes from a refined mutual combination and subjugation (never confrontation) of material and immaterial structures shows us Olivia's extremely sensitive feelings for materials.
This time, the artist builds her imaginary spaces from clyrit and cardboard. She makes wavy, rhythmic textures on a monochrome or partly painted cardboard with repetitive, almost mantric pricks of a wood carving tool. Such non-mimetic forms which refer to the substance of material itself and spiritual meaning too, are placed between two clyrit boards. The artist has structured linear nets with a whitish spray on the front board which with their structural subtlety remind of drawings of a piercing ice attached.Shadows of drawings cast upon the clyrit board behind the cardboard are changeable depending on the light in the room the objcts are placed in.
With her works, the artist in no case offers us a transfer through space and time. She does not take us to the past or the future. Instead, she is now and here giving us paradisiacal gardens which might only remind us that art only can be replaced by reality that is by a parallel reality which could be our deep and intimate strategy of spiritual existence and survival.

Ljiljana Karadzic

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