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Verica Bulatović-Filipović was born in Podgorica on February 3rd, 1980. She finished gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović”, at 1998, and graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje at 2003, department-painting, Class of Professor Branislav Sekulić. Now she is on her postgraduate master studies at the same Faculty, Class of professor Dragan Karadzic.
She has been member of ULUCG since 2006.
Solo shows:
2003. Cetinje, Graduated exhibition (Serbian members)
2007. Podgorica, FULL LINE (Art pavilion ULUCG)
2002. Podgorica, price for success during her studies (University of Montenegro)
2006. Granada (Spain), price for best painting
The century that trampled all skins, all flesh, the century whose body is but a skeleton, the century where colour equals matter...

Everyday life, that is, one of its terrible phenomena, traffic accident, has been recognized and chosen as a situation of the artist’s dedication and empathy. The growing number of traffic accidents leads us to a notion that we are living in a society that generally produces an atmosphere of insecurity on roads, and that we are not safe even when we follow the rules.  Transition time favours morbid habits, generates defective cars, killers behind the steering wheel, hazardous driving, chaos on narrow and winding roads, and anxiety bearing a death omen. An environment incapable (for now) of changing pathological insensitivity towards another human being unofficially gives legitimacy to a magnetic and fatal attraction of exceeding limits, to anything that monstrously displays arrogance, which becomes an assertion of manliness and desirable behaviour. The reflection of such a horrible reality makes the artist deal with the fragility and endangeredness of the body in relation to tragic, violent death. In other words, art positions danger as a counterpoint to safety, which is desired by society.

Traumatic experience of the traffic accident two years ago made the artist change the purposefulness of the drawing she was working on. The drawing, which started as a fine art experiment on a 60-meter-long fiscal tape (testing a narrow, paper tape as a canvas for drawing with water-colour pencils), became a place for getting over the trauma, and a field of strong emotional engagement. Through a daily, obsessive drawing, and increasingly dense gestural strokes, the artist imprinted her heartbeats, the very pulsating of life. The colours: black, red, white – nothingness, blood, light. In an artistic sense, the artist was faced with a difficult task: to assemble daily performances into a whole, to connect the today tape fragment with the yesterday one. Never seeing the drawing as a whole while working on it; first time to do it was at the gallery that provided the space needed…

Ljiljana Karadžić

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