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AyisZita (Ayis E. Zavliaris)
Born  in Athens in 1976.
Main Practice:  Abstract painting in different media (acrylics, oils, aerograph, inks).
1994. – 1997. Bachelor’s Honors, Civil Engineering, University of Surrey, Surrey, UK.
1997. – 1998.Master of Science, Environmental Engineering, Imperial College of Science Technology   and Medicine, London, UK.
1998.  Workshop in painting, Korkovelos Studios, Athens, Greece.
1999. – 2000. Master of Arts Sustainable Architecture, Architectural Association, School of   Architecture, London, UK.
2001.  Workshop in Filmmaking, New York Film Academy, New York, U.S.                                

Group Exhibitions:                   
1999. Group exhibition of European artists, Freud Bar-Art space, London, UK.                                     .                   
2001. Group exhibition on abstract painting, Freud Bar-Art space, London, UK.                                      
2003. Exhibit of works on abstract painting, Astrolavos Galleries, Athens, Greece

Solo  Exhibitions:
2006. Solo painting entitled exhibition “KIME 001”, curated by Giuliano Serafini, Etoile Toy Visual Arts, Florence, Italy.

From the very start I thought that Ayiszita belonged to an unimaginably advanced and disenchanted generation, and not just because of its youth: a generation which extends its thought and creativity without ideological guarantees and safeguards into circuits which were until very recently considered to be taboo as a result of their apparent irrelevance to ‘values’ recognized by right as belonging to artistic expression. 
Within the painting-drawing of Ayiszita there exists a manifestation of a sign-rhythm-sound-color which emanates  from a unique energy-impulse, revealing in the fragmenting freedom of its broken and rigorously rectilinear segments an evident analogy with the telematic and musical culture that is a vital part of the system of communication of new generations, and which the artist passionately interprets.
I find in these works a sense of the digital tribe, a starting from the end, a system of codes which form part of our present visual and mental stimuli and which basically are not the result of a conquest made over time so much as a way of manifesting and ‘creating’ time, the only time we are able to perceive and live in the here and now: a time everywhere considered as being ‘real’.
Ayiszita’s ‘real’ time is in the absolute flagrance of the sign left upon the paper or canvas. We are asked to verify nothing more – if not its aseptic, cold presentation which at times in the repetition of the module, makes us think of an amorphous mechanical reproduction rendered various by a digital program.  What the eyes perceive resembles, both in the past and now, a challenge – and here we could speak of scepticism, which however has lost its critical connotation – a scepticism if anything which is playful and hedonistic, which no longer needs to know why it is so.

Giuliano Serafini

Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


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