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1947 Son of mother Jovanka and father Dragutin
1972  Member of the Rovinj Art Colony
1974  Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade
1975  Member of ULUS, the Assocation of Graphic Artists of  Serbia, Belgrade
1976  Member of Group A, Belgrade
1977  Master of Arts degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
1978  Elected assistant professor of painting and drawing, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
1980/81 Study visit in London, on a British Council grant 
1981  Completed post-MA studies of painting and printing at St Martin’s School of Art, London
1986   Elected dozent at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
1989  Visiting lecturer at the State University of New York, Albany, USA
1990   Elected senior lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts,  Belgrade 
1992   Visiting lecturer, Herriot-Watt University,  Edinburgh, Scotland               
1995   Elected professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

Zoran Vuković is a painter and print artist and does mosaics, book illustration and layout and writes non-fiction. His other fields of interest include photography, film and TV camera

Vukovic has been displaying his work since 1974 with 30 one-man exhibitions in the country and abroad: Belgrade, Sombor, Zagreb, Titograd, Kragujevac, Kikinda (ex-Yugoslavia); Nicosia (Cyprus), Edinburgh (Scotland); Pirot, Budva, Tivat, Petrovac na moru, Kruševac, Herceg Novi,
Nikšić, Kotor, Novi Sad, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zemun. 
Since 1972 he has participated in over 350 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.

He lives and works in Belgrade.

According to the Greek mythology, the Ocean is a God and personification of a pre – water, silent and deep river surrounding the World and source of all waters on the earth. That ancient idea probably comes from big river civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia whose cosmologies show the Earth floating like a raft of the endless sea. The mythological Ocean, one of the Titans, was a husband and brother of Tethys who gave a birth to the rivers, including the poisonous Stigma of the ancient Hades. The other ancient God of the Sea was Nereid, a wise prophet who lived in blue depths of the sea together with his daughters Nereid as. We know these myths from tradition while modern myths are of quite different character. They are prosaic and dangerous as they mislead us into wrong beliefs as for example the one that say the Earth has several oceans. There are actually only ocean basins, which are linked together into one big ocean. Therefore, system sciences like ecology rightly think that an influence over a part of it may disturb balance in the planet’s waters.
Man’s arrogant ignorance is so big that he, as a sovereign master of the World, believes in the exploration results of a major part of seawaters. As a matter of fact, only five percent can be taken as accessible. The same with the illusion that oxygen we breathe in comes mainly from continental flora and tropical woods. We forget that it is the ocean, which generates phytoplankton and provides for life on the Earth.

Miško Pavlović

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