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Drawing Art Gallery CHAOS


She was born in Zlatibor in 1974.
She studied and satisfied all course requirements at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Class of Professors Gordan Nikolic and Moma Antonovic (1994-1998).

She studied and graduated from the school of Fine Arts ENSBA in Paris, Class of Professors Vladimir Velickovic and Dominique Gautier (1998-2002).

Solo shows:
Fashion is everybody’s obsession, Maison des arts, Créteil, 2004
Couture in Progress, Galerija 2.13 PM, St Cloud-Pariz, 2006
Paysage de rêvrie, Galerija 2.13 PM, St Cloud-Pariz, 2009
Filanature, Maison des arts, Grand Quevilly, 2009
Ariadna in the Wonderland, Chaos Gallery, Belgrade, 2009

Group shows:
Bura, SKC Gallery, video "Dancing With Myself", Belgrade, 2001
Fondation d'entreprise Barbara, Paris, 2001
Ponts des arts, SKC Gallery, Belgrade, 2002
Gallery Enviedart.com, Paris, 2003
Prix de peinture Antoine Marin Galerie Municipale Julio Gozalez, Arcueil, 2004
Prize 2 for painting, Antoine Marin, 2004
Meetings of Contemporary International Artists, Chizé, (Deux Sévres), 2004
Jeune Création 2004, Grand Halle de la Villette, Paris, 2004
A plus Galerie Eiswürfel, Kolonie Wedding, Berlin, 2004
Eclat Castle Baulieu, Riorges, Loire, 2005
Make You Imagine, Le coq sportif, as suggested by Nos Vos Agency, Tokio, Japan, 2005.
Novembre à Vitry, Prize for painting of the town Vitry-sur-Seine, 2005
ContempoReine(s), Gougenheim-Paris 6, as suggested by Adrian Pasternak, Paris, 2006
La Vie en Fil, Les Arts au Vert, Festival d'art contemporain, Maettle, Stossvihr, 2007
Les apparances sont trompeuses, Les Salaison, as suggested by Laurent Quent Quenehen, Paris, 2008
Carrefour 2, Galerie du Centre Culturel de Serbie, Paris, 2009
Between Us ...12, Gallery Miss China-Beauty Room, Paris, 2009

She lives and works in Paris.

While viewing the new pictures of Brankica Zilovic, we can't help remembering one of the most exciting tales of the Greek mythology, ie the tale of Ariadna.This association is not only formal, as in our mind a thread incarnates intelligence, intuition and refinement of human spirit. Still, different from Ariadna who gives Tessey a thread spool to help him solve the mystery of labyrinth, Brankica uses thread to construct a marvelous labyrinth of landscape forms the basic function of which is an evolution and a change of our visual experience.

The series of embroidered pictures is accompanied by drawings with a pencil on paper which start from the similar point. Though in both cases having linear approach, Brankica respects some of technological specifics of these two still distant media. The usage of frotage, which means the texture of the base to draw drawings which could not be simulated by weaving, what is also not necesery in this case, can be related to the surreal landscapes of Max Ernst. The broken or discontinued lines of thread on the pictures make marvelous nervous systems which compose her landscapes.

The embroidering and weaving are the basic activities characterizing the identity of the area she comes from. However, the artist is not inspired by its ethnographic features and folklore which are no doubt a part of her cultural and visual legacy. We'd better say that Brankica speaks a universal language in which thread and applied fabrics only help to have a new experience of one of the central themes of the history of painting such a landscape is.

Bogdan Pavlović

Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


  • Dositejeva 3 - 11000 Belgrade - Serbia.
  • +381 11 2627-497