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Nemanja Mate Đorđević, laureate of the last year’s contest from the Vladimir Veličković Fund, will show his artistic note made after the reception of this flattering prize. For him, it was a turning point, new beginning after beginning. We are talking about brand new voice, a young man who took a step above reality and cut off its oneiric bit woven out of ripped thoughts and reflections in order to put them together again in collage. This dream arrangement shaped as a cruel joke is made by a man who knows he will wake up and who offers his own manifestation of the unconscious, his own mime. Drawing, or more precise, collaged drawing, is made by ink and afterwards cut, glued and recomposed, sometimes with the elements of different texture. Suddenly, banalized faces arrive to take a disgusted look at halved human and animal bodies which levitate in space while humanoid flies plucking out their eyes and terrified mice rise ‘hands’ in surrender and submission. He is also there, the author himself as a participator of his own obscene performances, totally calm, like he is not aware that this is actually his dream. Nevertheless, he wants the others to find out about it too, and therefore imprints his illusion within some kind of pagan ritual by which he tries to save a man from his most basic instincts. The body is humiliated, almost like in some sadistic treatment, crucified or torn apart and left in silent performance that keeps on going. There are negative wishes and the fall, as well as a degrading experience through which the artist almost tries to purify himself and every other participant in his Dionysian ritual. Passing through such a wide gamma of soul conditions, from despair to pleasure, from guilt to purification, he crosses over the voluminous forms and follows the path marked by the vibrant line that shapes, constructs the nude of personality with extremely cognizable physiognomy. His dreams on canvas are small neo-Gothic theaters of absurd, in which he chooses the magic instead of medicine, skulls and bones instead of spirits. Complex times in which he lives, ‘Wonderland’ in which he was born and works, offer space for different artistic poetics which are not coherent with some general artistic principles but exists as tendencies. In his own way, Nemanja Mate Đorđević presents his own neo-surrealistic vision, generally very difficult for interpretation, and offers a bit of dream inhabited by the actors of theatre of absurd translated from the real world.

Aleksandar Bunčić, the winner of the second prize for the drawing from the abovementioned Fund, discovers lights and shadows of the digital futuristic landscape. His presentation of a city architectonics, urban part which synthesizes artificial and natural, in which the real dissolves into virtual, brings in front beautiful residential building viewed from different angles. Like in split perception, there is a doubt if it is better to retreat to everyday, usual panoramas or to accept these new, modified horizons, is it the third millennium object or the front face of a hyper-realistic giant building, factographic note on some part of a future, totally transformed city. His works appear to be a part of a complex photographic editorial which denotes all the city mutations. A viewer also gets the firsthand impression about the inner spaces, especially the interior of the top leveled, mosaically structuralized attic, opened to the afternoon light. Huge rectangular corridors almost echo of somebody’s steps although there is no figuration. This can be accepted as aesthetic selection, determined by the wish to create spaces that can be immediately recognized, that accept huge amount of light, which will connect walls from every side and that will also be used as a natural energy source, a refracting heat source, but also sufficient considering the need for light and heat during the cold winters. A quest for the point where the light starts to diffuse leads this young artist into different positions from where he photographs up and above. Therefore, we can assume this will be one of the ‘smart buildings’ that will offer a better life in some distant future. Young Bunčić designed the habitat, but where are the inhabitants? Is this some lonesome labyrinth with wrong directions which predict a possible destiny?
New generations do not preserve themselves but readily examine all the possibilities for translating their own feelings and contemporary restlessness. With pencil or ink, they draw traces on body and soul, synthesize all the way to the illustrational or search for the smallest possible detail under their own willingness’ limelight and movements of their own style. It is not easy to synthesize all forthcoming artistic characters which flourish inside these young artists’ hearts. At the moment of this text’s birth, their idea has been already removed and placed at another creative points, ready to produce brand new entireties, black on white.

Nemanja Mate Đorđević was born in Belgrade in 1983. He graduated in 2008 from the Faculty of Arts in Belgrade, Department for Painting, in class of Professor Gordan Nikolić. His individual exhibitions were organized at the Happy Gallery of the Students’ Cultural Centre and the gallery of the Faculty of Art in Belgrade in 2010. He also took part in several group exhibitions, such as Night of Culture in Herceg Novi and Auction at Hebrew Home in Belgrade (2010). In 2009, he was laureate of contest from the Vladimir Veličković Fund organized by the CHAOS Gallery in Belgrade in 2009. He is member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia.
Aleksandar Bunčić was born in Novi Sad in 1981. He is student of Academy of Aerts in Novi Sad, Department for Sculpture, in class of Professor Tomislava Todorovića. He has exhibited since 2006 in galleries in Novi Sad, Smederevo, Odžaci, Aranđelovac, Belegrade and Hamburg. So far, he has had approximately ten individual and a lot of group exhibitions. He has won several awards, such as: the 3rd prize at the contest Paint the Shirt – Dress the Gallery (2003), the 2nd prize of the audience at the contest Petrovaradin Fortress Viewed by Artists within the Museum Night project (2007), as well as the 2nd prize ‘Best of 2010’ at the Marziart Internationale Galerie – Hamburg, Germany, and the 2nd prize for drawing at the contest from the Vladimir Veličković Fund organized by the CHAOS Gallery in Belgrade in 2009. He is member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia and the Society of Fine Arts of Vojvodina.

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