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Margareta Jelić was born in 1967 in Belgrade.
She graduated in 1992 from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Painting Department, in class of professor Gradimir Petrović.
She got MA degree from Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Multimedia Department (professors Čedomir Vasić and Vladan Radovanović).
She got PhD degree in 2008 from the University of Arts in Belgrade, Group for Theory of Arts and Media (mentor professor Miško Šuvaković), with thesis Theory of Sights: Sight between Art and Media, and another one in 2009 from the same faculty (mentor professor Vladan Radovanović), with thesis Relationship between Viewer’s and Actor’s Perception in Multimedia Work.
She has started to exhibit individually or in group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad in 1991.
Engaged in animation as an artistic media, she produced animated works Marta and her Friends (2000), Broken Dreams (2003), Four Stories about Us (2007), Good Afternoon Mr. Noah (2009) and Presence and/or Absence (2010).
Margareta is member of Serbian Fine Arts Association and Serbian Applied Arts Association since 1991, and member of Austrian Artists Association BVO (Berufsverband Bildender Kunstler Osterreichs) since 2000.
She published the book Fragmentary View to the Art in the 20th and 21st Century Media (Nolit, Belgrade, 2010).
Margareta lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

Everybody who knows Margareta Jelić’s work for the last ten years, also knows adventures of her cartoon’s main character Marta. The last time we saw her, in film Four Stories about Us, Marta was trying to survive the world of too many choices. Now, in our new meeting in film Absence and/or Presence, it appears that Marta placed her boldest dreams in safe fictional space and chosen less extravagant lifestyle. She is mother of a small girl, with all commitments, responsibilities and joy it bears. While doing her chores on a murky, rainy day, little things in her sight make her remember some faraway places, romantic occasions, absent people. I believe it is quite easy to identify with Marta, because everyone of has at least one moment like that per day. Those precious little insights can bring us joy or sorrow, but they always show that our surroundings and whatever we accept as reality are much more flexible than it looks like at the first sight.

Margareta Jelić perfectly knows how to express that elusive moment we are all aware of but usually do not even manage to recognize it, that moment when some casual, everyday sight awakes the memory of some long past occasion or reminds us of some plan we have given up of, or some forgotten big wish. Margareta does it with a lot of tenderness, warmth and humour, a little bit of regret and just the necessary amount of universal symbols to enable everybody to identify with her heroine. Marta has chosen her own lifestyle, she is no longer a girl with plenitude of choices. We do not whether the sights she sees are memories, expectations or just daydreaming, but it is not important after all. What is important is the fact that our choices always leave space for re-examining and imagining different scenarios, but also for a brand new adventure we have never dreamed of.

Marina Martić

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