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Nikola Simanic was born in 1976 in Niksic. He graduated in 1998  from the  Academy of  Fine Arts in Cetinje . He studied at  Ecole des Beux –Arts in Lorient, France, from 1999 to 2000. He got his master`s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2006 in Cetinje. The last ten years he is active through solo and group ehxibitions of contemporary foreign and domestic art scene. He has exhibited in Berlin, Barcelona, Dresden, Cannes, Ljubljana, Belgrade ... Nikola won many awards for his art work. Since 2006 he has been lecturer at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Podgorica. He directed his works towards multimedia. He also makes  drawings and paintings. He became member of several art organizations like ULUCG, Shift, Metla.
“The Future is, of all things, the thing least like eternity.” David Lowental

This very future, so unlike Arcadia that eternal representation of the time to come, we encounter in the drawings of Nikola Simanić. His delineation of the future is twisted, suspicious, hybrid, and sarcastic. He plays with his audience and puzzles them with his artistic references, as well as with his imaginary characters whose vision of the future is just a distorted image of our own reality.

Nikola Simanić, a member of the middle generation of Montengrin artists, uses in his artistic quests not only the classical media of oil, acrylic and drawing, but he has lately expanded his interests in the direction of new, less conventional disciplines of ambient sculpture, of video and land art. His latest series of drawings, exhibited in Gallery Chaos, is not the result of a previous research, nor does it represent a group of sketches for some new larger work; it is much more than that. It is, to quote Picasso’s famous line, the proof that „the find is far more important than the search itself“. This new series of drawings represents a well-rounded cycle that serves as a summa of all his previous experiences, further enriched with new, highly mature awareness of time, man and his place in the world. Combining the idioms of abstraction, figuration, oneiric surrealism and the comics Simanić creates an imaginary and reversed world of tomorrow.

In his work we perceive the very polyphony of concepts that Marc Auge takes as the essence of modernity. As if intuitively depicting the ideas of this important cultural historian, Simanić represents all that modernity offered to contemporary artists. Primarily it is the possibility of an infinite interlacing of ideas, destinies, references and memories. This plurality filled in contemporary artworks the central position that used to be occupied by the sacred or the magical. In his polyphonic drawings, Simanić reveals to us a rich and complex world of his poetics where abstraction and comic-book narration are absolutely equal forms of representation. His image of the future is both the compendium of our collective experiences, and a slightly ironic and critical depiction of the things to come.

Moreover, from these seemingly disparate discourses comes an integrity of expression and a clearly depicted intellectual irony, that does not view the world from above, but understands it, and interprets it with the ever-present sympathetic humour. It is not an embittered image of the world where the artist is bound to remain, but a benevolent sarcasm directed to the only possible world that the artist would like to inhabit.

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