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The drawings of Tijana Kojić remind us in their skilfulness that with a serious development of what can be called „academic style“ one can simultaneously distance from it and refine the composition of the body in delicate movement by one’s own expressive graphism, contours, the application of hatching and raster. Inspired by inhumane spaces of atom bomb shelters during the bombing of Belgrade and the intimacy among people in situations of extreme danger, Tijana offers powerful and studious drawings through which we can reflect on the ambivalence of human nature. The compression of emotions for which Tijana uses the Latin term temendum refers not only to the basic fear and confusion in encounters with a superior force but also to the bareness of the human individual for whom closeness and touch are consolation. As she says herself, she watches their tremor as „a small echo of a greater crime“.

Aleksandar Jestrović Jamesdin, already well-known to the local public, will present his latest works – authentic artistic statements which explore the issues of contemporary existence in a humorous way. Characteristic of his drawings are swift, frequently regressive, infantile, nervous lines and thrash aesthetics. His works, made in diverse (available) materials/mediums, are characterized by his subtle choice of marginal phenomena as social reflections, his never stereotyped position towards the contemporary artistic production and a rebellious demystification of the artistic practice.

On the other hand, Vuk Ćuk informs his personal world with imaginative drawings of strong, deformed lines and stylized textures – the stylistic echo of the Belgrade underground aesthetics, American alternative cartoon scene and animated cartoons based on the legacy of Pop Art. „In the works I am going to exhibit I shall be engaged, as I have been before, in the making of my own authentic worlds, closed milieus, with their own rules and tendencies, sometimes preconceived, sometimes arbitrary, sometimes both, all of them consequences of the events I experience every day,“ says Vuk about his works. The way this closed ambience is realized as our own environment, with visual scenography and extreme, mutated, monster characters evoking the principle of the open theatrical scene of Dogville, denies to us, observers, a passive voyeuristic position and makes us part of the represented happening.

Irena Marjanovic Cvetkovic

Aleksandar Jestrović Jamesdin was born in 1972, in Zagreb (SFRY). He graduated from the Faulty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2000 at the Department of Painting, in the class of Professor Čedomir Vasić. He is presently attending master studies at the UDK-Berlin Art in Kontext, with Professor Wolfgang Knapp. Jestrović has been exhibiting since 2000 both locally and abroad, at group and solo shows. Apart from the first award for drawing from the Vladimir Veličković Fund (2012) he received an award for painting from the Rista and Beta Vukanović Fund. He also received the award of the Cultural Centre Belgrade at the Fiftieth October Salon (2009). His works can be found in the collection of the Serbian Ministry of Culture, the Celje Institute Celeia Centre for Contemporary Art in Slovenia and in private collections in Serbia, Austria and Germany. He lives and works in Berlin and Belgrade.

Tijana Kojić
was born in 1987 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2011. She has participated in more than 120 international group exhibitions and realized five solo shows. She has received a number of awards and recognitions in the field of painting and graphic art, and the most prestigious are the Zemun Salon award (2011), award for drawing „Golden Osten“ (2012 and 2013), award of the Faculty of Applied Arts from the Aleksandar Tomašević Fund (2012), first award at the competition of the Niš Art Foundation (2012), first award for drawing from the Vladimir Veličković Fund (2012). Since 2010 she has worked in the master workshop of Ž.Tonšić and since 2012 she has been teaching assistant At the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She is a member of the Association of Serbian Artists and the Association of Serbian Applied Artists and Designers.


Vuk Ćuk was born in 1987. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2013 at the Department of Painting and attended painting class on Universitat fur die Angewandte Kunst in Vienna from 2012 to 2013. In the last few years, Vuk participated in many group exhibitions in Belgrade, Austria, Denmark, Germany and realized solo show in 2013 in Gallery Zvono, Belgrade. He received two awards: Recognition award from Mak Museum, Vienna (2011) and second award for drawing from the Vladimir Veličković Fund (2012)

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